Winter Accessories for Wedding Photographers

Oh my goodness, it’s COLD out there, right? We are in the THICK of winter so I wanted to share some of my recent good finds on how to stay warm if and when you have to go outside and photograph a wedding or event.


L.L. Bean Midweight & Heavy Base layer Leggings - I’m so happy I found this super warm, thick, base layer leggings from L.L. Bean. They are warm enough to keep you toasty when you are outside braving the snow and wind but thin enough that you can still pull and zip your jeans. I purchased the Heavy Base Layer (which is now currently sold out) but the mid-weight pants are a great option.

Fleece Tights - Where have you been all my life? I picked a pair from Target that my friend recommended and I’m in heaven. They are so crazy cozy it’s amazing. They are thicker than normal tights but not thick enough that you look bulky in your skirt or dress. I wore these when I had to travel around new york city in a skirt and was very warm when walking around town. I was worried I might be too “hot” when I was inside and working but oddly enough, I was cool and forgot I was even wearing them. These are a MUST HAVE for me and you can certainly wear them under your jeans/pants if you wanted too.

Fleece Lined Gloves - Fleece again, are we sensing a theme? I picked up a pair of these fleece lined tech gloves so I could use my phone while I was outside on a job. The best thing about fleece is that they keep all the wind out which I always find is one of the worst parts about shooting outside. I can handle the cold temps but I can’t handle the wind and now, I don’t have too!

Fleece Lined Hat - I always am searching for the cutest pom-pom hat each and every winter (ammiiiright??). This year I picked up a j.crew hat that looks just like this one BUT it’s not lined, so I’m not wearing it anymore. This hat is so warm and adorable (if I do say so myself!) so it keeps my head warm while I’m outside. Thank goodness for fleece, right??

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