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Tired of wasting money on workshops that don’t work? Yeah, I’ve been there too!

Have you been in business for a few years and want to get to the next level but don’t know how to do it on your own? I’ve got you covered!

My one-on-one coaching sessions were specifically created to give you an in-depth, no fluff, all details roadmap to success!

I want to help you reach your business goals! So, who’s excited to get started? Let’s go!

One-on-One Coaching Overview

Coaching Sessions Topics:

  • Website & Portfolio - Audit and Review

  • Marketing Strategy & Implementation Plan

  • Social Media Marketing - Account Audits, Content Creation, and Planning

  • Submissions - How to Get Published and Press

  • and so much more!!

Coaching Session Process:

  • Fill out the online application and questionnaire

  • Begin the pre-coaching process and prep for your session

  • Have your session, receive in-depth overview, clarity and action plan

  • Progress follow up and monthly check-in’s

Coaching Session Details:

  • Coaching sessions are very limited - only 4 students per month

  • Each 1 hour coaching call is $399

  • 3 and 6 month coaching packages are available

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

space is limited - only 4 students per month


Read Reviews
what our students are saying!


“ Jainé genuinely listened to my concerns and met me where I was at. She gave me insight that I would never be able to see myself. I am a visionary type of person but can struggle with taking baby steps towards my goals. Jainé clearly gave me specific action tasks to complete that really changed the face of my business. If you are someone looking for a pair of fresh eyes and ears to give your business a makeover, book a session with Jainé. She is caring, smart, helpful and she wants to see you grow. ”  - Jenna 

“ My coaching experience with Jainé was incredible! I loved that she did her research to determine what area we would focus on that would help me the most (for me it was Instagram). She was very organized and structured, always communicating and checking in. I was impressed with her advice and I was able to implement it right away. I was a little nervous since the topic of my coaching session was Instagram, that I wouldn't be able to ask other questions unrelated to Instagram, but that was not the case! I was able to ask her anything and everything and her advice was actionable, helpful and sincere. I have already seen a HUGE increase in inquiries since our session and its no surprise that they all came from Instagram! Jainé has over a decade of experience in the wedding industry- she really knows her stuff! But the best part about working with her as your coach is that she really wants to see you succeed. Thank you Jainé!”  - Keri 



“ My coaching time with Jainé felt like digitally getting coffee (or tea!) with my best girlfriend who also happens to rock all things wedding photography, small business, and film! Jainé offered me a full overview of my business, nothing felt overwhelming but I left with lots of small tangible action items to propel my business forward! Thank you, Jainé for your guidance and mentorship!”- Lauren

“ Jainè’s coaching is tailored, personal, and actionable. You’ll walk away from the session feeling vibrant and ready to make improvements to your business, rather than overwhelmed and like a failure - which is how sometimes educational trainings can make you feel in this industry. She shares personal experience to help you and you can tell she truly cares about seeing you succeed!” - Cailyn

Jaine Kershner Coaching

Let’s get “all the things” done together!!

space is limited - only 4 students per month

have questions? please send an email to hello@teawithjaine.com and I can't wait to hear from you!