Speaking at The Hybrid Co 2020 in San Diego!

Sometimes, when your dreams start to come true, it can feel unreal, right? I’ve been writing in my Start Today Journal that “I am a speaker at Photography Conferences” for almost a year and slowly, it’s been starting to happen. I’ve been putting myself out there and applying to speak at different conferences.

I’ve attended two previous Hybrid Collective Conferences and I’m delighted to share that I’m going to be teaching Breakout Session at the next conference in San Diego from March 3rd - 6th, 2020. You guys, this is literally a DREAM COME TRUE moment for me and I cannot wait to see / meet so many of you in person. My breakout class is going to be about how to start a podcast (Tea with Jainé is mine if you don’t listen yet) and I cannot wait to help others start their own. So so exciting!!

As one of the perks to being a teacher, I get to share an exclusive discount code with you guys! If you are interested in attending, you can visit the site: http://thehybridco.com/ to purchase your tickets. You can use code KERSHNER to save $50 OFF your seat. Yay!!

So, who’s going to Cali with me?? Leave me a comment below and let me know!! xoxo