Best Dress and Shoes For Wedding Photographers

I get asked a lot about what I wear to my weddings. It’s hard to find the right clothing that looks good and comfortable for you to do a very physical job at the same time! I’m really excited to share my GO TO dress & shoes that I wear for every wedding! Yes, I buy in multiple so I have a few of these dresses ready to go in different colors too!

Here is my absolutely FAVORITE dress and shoes to wear while I’m photographing a wedding! You can watch my latest IGTV video where I share my thoughts on each piece and why I love it! I hope it was helpful and please leave a comment below to let us know YOUR favorite “go to” pieces you have discovered and work for you on a wedding day. I want to hear from you!! xo


Phoebe Dress by Boden - Black - Navy - I absolutely love this dress from Boden. It’s very flattering shape and darts that give you a nice look but very professional. It’s a 100% cotton and totally breathable which is great for when you start to break a sweat. The best feature about this little dress? It has POCKETS! Yes, that is correct! I purchased three of these dresses (2 black and 1 Navy) to make sure that even if I had a double header weekend, I would have a fresh dress for the day.

Gabor Gabor Black Flats - LOVE these shoes! They are like sneakers with a rubber and flexible sole but they look like nice flats from above. These are 100% my secret shoe weapon on a wedding day!! They didn’t need any “breaking in” so no band-aids required. They are about $150+ dollars but worth every penny. I’ve had mine for about 3 years and they are still going strong!

TOMS Jutti Flats - Black Suede - Perforated Detail - I change into these flats as soon as the ceremony is over and cocktail hour begins. I love these TOMS because they are so comfy and give my feet a bit of break. Again, they are really comfortable, require no “break-in” time, and you can hit the ground running as soon as they arrive. I purchase at least 2 pairs every season and were them on my off days too!

Rothy’s Pointed Black Flat - Save $20 when you order your first pair of Rothy’s through this LINK !! - I like these Rothy’s for a few reasons but mainly because they are very stylish and comfortable at the same time. They are machine washable so they are going to last a long time. I will wear these for either part of my day but I would suggest getting arch supports if you require more support for your shoes.

Black Compression 5” Bike Shorts - One time I wore Spanx to a wedding and by the ceremony, I was taking them off in the bathroom because it’s just too much compression while I was working throughout the day. I found a pair of compression bike shorts (similar to linked) and they are my go-to “shorts” i wear under every dress when I’m working. They are comfortable, give me a bit of shape, and do not tug or pull throughout the day. They also keep me “safe” from any flashing accidents when I’m working which, when you are wearing a dress, could be an issue ;)

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