My Fave Business Books You Need to Read!

One of my goals for 2018 that followed me into 2019 was to read a book a month. I went for a few years without reading a SINGLE book and that was pretty shocking. So, I decided to change that and each month I read a new book to help my business and self growth. In today’s brand new Tea with Jainé IGTV video, I wanted to share three favorite business, marketing, and self help books that are making a great impact on my life. You can watch the video here and read below!

Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Forleo

No 1 - Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller - I read this book from cover to cover within three days and absolutely LOVE this book. It’s a clear and helpful guide for you to figure out what your Brand story really is and how to create marketing content that connects with your ideal client. There is a lot o f homework in this book so be prepared with a pen and paper. I purchased a softcover copy from Amazon after borrowing it from the library because I wanted to have it on hand with me at all times to refer too. So happy I did that because I read it all the time!

No. 2 - Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis - It’s no secret how much I loved Girl, Wash Your Face that came out last year. That book TRULY changed my life, my mindset, and the pat of my business. Girl, Stop Apologizing is the follow up to that book that gives you the hands-on tangible tips to get your stuff DONE and get your life moving in the right direction. You can also pick up the Audio Book if you’re busy and want to listen on the go!

No. 3 - Everything is Figureoutable by Marie Folero - All I’m going to say is HECK YES I love this book so much! Marie is a powerhouse coach for women and I love everything she represents and teaches. This book is so powerful it’s going to make you do the hard work to get past your fears, face your dreams, and start making them happen. Everything is Figureoutable is literally my new mantra because in the end, it ALL is capable even if you don’t know it yet. You can grab the Audio version here too.

Each of these books speaks to different sides of my life and business that I want to grow and explore. As a wedding photographer, small business owner, defining my “Brand” is something I was never taught - so having a book to help me figure that out with crystal clear clarity is so helpful. I love Rachel and Marie so much because these strong women are helping other women like myself, embrace who they are, own their past, and determine their OWN future. I would not be here without Girl, Wash Your Face and Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk and for that, I am forever grateful. I hope you pick one or all of them up and enjoy them too!

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Easy Posing Tips for Wedding Photographers

Over in our Facebook Group, I asked what should the next topic of Tea with Jainé should be and everyone voted for posing tips and tricks for wedding photographers. I’m excited to share my top three tips all about how to pose your couples naturally and with confidence. Posing people does not come easily and I truly believe the more prepared you are, the better photos and photo session you and your couples will have.

Also, you can watch my video about the same topic on my IGTV Instagram Channel and get a bit more Tea time with me!

Here are my three favorite tips for posing…

No. 1 - Create a Posing Flow - When I was first starting to work with couples and clients, I realized pretty quickly that posing people did not come naturally to me. I need a way to lead the session and create some pretty amazing photos in the process. What I started to do was create a Pinterest board with all of my favorite posing inspiration to help me in my process and what I discovered was that the photos I like, were just different variations of the same pose. A little tweak here, and there, a new lens, a different expression and boom - we had a brand new photo that felt totally new. It was a big light bulb moment for me!

I started to create my own posing flow for my couples moving from a few standard poses and then having several derivative of that pose. For example, let’s say the couple is standing looking at me with both shoulders, well, I could start with them walking towards me, than away, and then have the bride (or groom) look back at me, then at their partner, then give a give a kiss, and then make them laugh. Each of these actions are just one set of “poses” in a single standard pose.

By creating your own Standard or Base Poses and talking out loud the flow to yourself as practice will help you do this when you are with your couples during their engagement session or wedding day.

No. 2 - Do Your Homework - Yes, folks, you have to do a little bit of homework here to understand why a pose, or poses, is successful or not. You need to understand how the brain interpret an expression, a hand gesture, how the feet are placed, etc… to truly understand how to create great poses for your couples. As I mentioned before, posing isn’t something that comes “naturally” to most people and we all need to be taught how to pose. How to look for things that might make our photo more successful than others and I truly believe you need to do some homework and read few books to get a better understanding on how to pose properly.

One of my all time favorite books is Picture Perfect Posing from Roberto Valenzuela. I’ve read two of his books and watched his Creative Live courses and they have helped me so much in my own posing evolution. I love that he can create beauty out of nothing all from knowing the “WHY” behind making beautiful photos. He teaches you about how the hands should be posed and positioned, facial expressions, body language, and so much more. I would highly recommend picking up a copy!


No. 3 - ALWAYS Be Positive Behind the Camera - Want to know the key to making your client or couple confident and relaxed in front of the camera? You have to always talk to them giving them positiver affirmations and encourage from the moment you take your very first photo till the very last photo in the session. I am always talking, encouraging laughing, telling a silly joke, and letting my couples know that they are doing great - even if I need to tweak a few things here and there.

If a pose isn’t going well, never say “this isn’t good” or “let’s not do that” or “this isn’t working you guys”. They DO NOT want hear that and boy, watch their confidence go down the drain in two second flat. Instead, you need to use positive terms to correct any situation or pose that isn’t working they way you would like. I always say “hey, let’s try this” or “you know, can you move over here for second?” or “why don’t we move your hand this way instead?”… i’m correcting but in a softer tone that is still has positive inflections.

I hope these tips were helpful and give you a bit of insight into how I create my Posing Flow and use positive feedback to encourage my couples. Do you have any tips or tricks you’d like to share with our community? Please leave us a comment below - we’d LOVE to hear from you! xo

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Top 3 Business and Personal Growth Books for 2018

This year was truly a transformative year for me because my entire mindset shifted and I’m so happy the way the past year has forever changed myself and my business. I wouldn’t even be here with Tea with Jainé without the help of these books (first two recommendations) but I also wouldn’t be more myself with how I communicate without the other (the last one).

I started the year off with the goal of reading one book a month because I realized that had all but STOPPED reading books (according to my library card) for almost two years!! I began with a book about organizing your home and then I went directly into marketing and business books, and after a few searches, I found my first recommendation. After that book, a fire was LIT from within that I found the next book and after listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Weddings For Real, I found my last recommendation. It’s so funny how life works and things can drastically change because someone else opens your eyes to the endless possibilities you didn’t know existed. Right??

I’m happy to share my top three business and personal growth books of 2018 with you and I hope they help inspire your own journey to finding and creating a life you always wanted! xo

Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk - Vayner Media

No 1 - Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk - This is by far the biggest and best influence in my life. I had previously read “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook” in 2014 but I couldn’t even tell you what it was about. I found it confusing and just never read it again but Crushing It, I’ve read it twice, bought the paperback and downloaded the audio book to quickly go back to chapters for inspiration. This book is the one thing I needed to read about giving myself PERMISSION to do what I’ve felt that I wanted to do for a while now - which was to TEACH. I wanted to help other wedding photographers, either those just starting out or who were within their first few years of their business, and share my knowledge and tangible advice that I have learned over the last 8+ years of being a successful wedding photographer in New York City. But why wasn’t I? I was holding back because in my mind I wasn’t a “superstar photographer” that everyone knows, I hadn’t won any WPPI print awards, and I wasn’t hosting classes on Creative Live so I thought, who would listen to me?

Well, I got over that real fast and as it turns out that A LOT OF YOU want to hear what I have to say and it’s truly been an incredible transformation on my part.

I was holding myself back from opening up to you but once I realized ( more like decided!!) that I didn’t NEED (or want!) anyone else’s permission to do what I wanted to do, the flood gates opened up for me and Tea with Jaine was born. I started with my Instagram Stories, than IGTV, then I created a Facebook Group, Blog and now a Podcast. It’s incredible what I can do on my own and you all are LOVING it - YAY!! I am SO happy to help you and answer your questions, give tangible advice, and make useful recommendations to each and every one of you. I was (and still am!) so SICK of other wedding photographers just SELLING you guys stuff (and myself included!!) and making you feel that you aren’t good enough, that I wanted to be the voice that you could trust and respect because I have absolutely NO hidden agenda. I have nothing to sell you - I just want to help you!!

This is what Crushing It made me realize that you can help people, be successful, and potentially earn money from doing what you love and sharing it freely with the world for anyone who wants to listen and learn. This year I found myself online. I found my VOICE on Instagram, my website, and I am still learning and growing everyday. I am sharing more of who I am and it’s all due to this book. Seriously, you NEED to read it!!

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis - The Hollis Company

No 2 - Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis - I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this book (I think it was from Gary V?) but I found Rachel Hollis and boy, it changed my life! I borrowed the book from the Brooklyn Public Library and I devoured it within a few day. I also bought the audio book to refer back to it because very so often, I need to hear Rachel give it to me straight!! I literally rocked my world!!

So many epiphany’s, myths broken, and the LIES we tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough is exactly what I needed to hear to start believing in myself and start doing what I wanted to do.

Again, it comes back to PERMISSION (can you sense a theme here?) and giving yourself the space to be yourself and not look at anybody else to make yourself happy. The biggest quote and “A-HA!” moment for me was when Rachel shares the #truthbomb that “Someone Else’s Opinion of You, Is NONE of your Business” OMG - I think I was reborn after I read that. It was as if I instantly stopped caring about the haters (that weren’t there) or what my other photographer friends would say about me in that instant. Why did I care so much what others would say about me when they weren’t saying ANYTHING about me since I wasn’t doing anything anyways. It was in that moment that I gave myself the PERMISSION to stop the lies and be who I truly am.

I’m forever grateful to Rachel Hollis for opening my eyes even wider and cannot wait to read her next book Girl, Stop Apologizing which isn’t even out yet but you know I’ve got it pre-ordered and ready to go! Girl, Wash Your Face a must-read and I recommend it to everyone I know.

Why Don't They Call Me by Alan Berg - Wedding Wire

No 3 - Why Don’t They Call Me by Alan Berg - I found out about this book through one of my favorite podcasts “Weddings For Real” which I was also a guest (if you didn’t already know) and it was as if the book was sent to me at the EXACT moment I needed to read it (errr, I bought the audio, so listen to it ;) Alan’s book dissects how we (as vendors) respond to our clients and how if we aren’t responding correctly, we are LOSING the sale before its even happened. WHAT?? Alan talks about how to mirror your clients inquiry level of excitement, tone, and demeanor all via email, text, messenger, etc… How NOT to sound like robot and who to get funny with your follow up replies.

After listening to Alan’s book I IMMEDIATELY changed how I was responding to potential couples to sound like myself (again, finding my OWN voice and giving myself the PERMISSION to be who I am in my emails right from the very beginning!!!) and I swear, after I changed my responses to sound like me, I have booked consecutive weddings, family session, maternity, and newborn sessions in a few months time. I KID YOU NOT!! Just from being myself in email, responding super fast, and following up more than two times (which was my normal rate) it’s seriously improved my booking rate drastically.

Honestly, for you guys reading this, I would download it immediately and listen to it as you edit your next wedding or when you are traveling to your next shoot because it’s really smart advice from someone who has worked in the wedding industry for very long time. I will note that this book is sponsored by Wedding Wire so Alan references their site often, which could be a bit annoying but hey, he’s got to pay his bills to, ya know?

Oh, and don’t forget to listen to his podcast interview on Weddings For Real because that’s well, free advice and then pick up his book !!

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