Tips on How to Photograph a Wedding While Pregnant

As a wedding photographer, working while pregnant is a topic that doesn’t get talked about very often. People ask me “when did you shoot weddings until?” and “when did you go back to work after you had a baby?”. Having my first baby was very overwhelming, especially with juggling my wedding photography business. As most of you know, being a wedding photographer is a very labor intensive job (we carry so much gear!) and being on your feet for 8+ hours at time is can be very grueling on your body especially when you are carrying an extra 10, 20, 30+ lbs because you are making another human being. So, I wanted to share some advice and things I’ve learned along the way from my own experience when I was expecting my Daughter.

Oh, and I also shared my thoughts on my latest Instagram IGTV episode of Tea with Jainé. Be sure to hop on over and watch the episode for even more advice! Let’s jump in…

No. 1 - Know Your Timeline - Once I confirmed that I was in-fact pregnant, we celebrated and then panicked about the timeline. My daughter was going-to be coming right in the heart of my wedding season so I had to start planning what I was going to do for my upcoming wedding season. I decided to photograph my last wedding at 36 weeks, and to be honest, I will never do that again. I was so H U G E at the end that it was totally uncomfortable for me. No one ever tells you that you gain ALL THE WEIGHT at the end of the pregnancy and the baby gains 1-2 lbs a week in the last month alone so you go from “semi-big” to “huge” pretty quickly. Well, at least it was for me :)

No. 2 - Tell Your Couples In Advance - Once I figured out my timeline, I started to let my clients know the good news and let them know I was expecting. For the majority of my weddings, I was going to be able to make the date but for one couple, I had to gracefully bow out of covering their day. I was so sad that I didn’t have an associate to fill in but if and when it happens again, I will look for someone to fill my spot vs. refund the retainer and cancel my services. I do regret not photographing their wedding (they were one of my favorite couples to date!) BUT I helped them find someone new, refunded their retainer, and gave them their engagement session as a gift to make up for cancelling. Not that you have to do that but for me, I wanted to end on a positive note.

No. 3 - Hire A Backup Photographer/Extra Assistant - For most of my couples, letting them know I was expecting was was not a big deal. Everyone was really happy and thanked me for letting them know so far in advance. I assured them that I would be at their wedding and I would be bringing along a third photographer/assistant to cover me when I needed a break. This was an additional expense that I paid for out of my own pocket because I wanted them to know that I had on-site backup when if necessary. My assistant also carried all of my gear and food for me throughout the day so I only had to wear my two cameras on my body. It was very helpful to know that I didn’t have to lug my gear anywhere or wear any additional lenses.

No. 4 - Bring ALL THE FOOD - Depending on your pregnancy, and your cravings, you could be hungry like ALL THE TIME especially when you are working. For me, I knew that I was eating every few hours and brought a little cooler filled with food to keep me fed throughout the day. It might have looked like “A LOT” to some but I really did eat just about everything in my cooler when the day was done. A snack here, a bar there, it all adds up, and you want to make sure you are fed to keep your energy levels up. I also drank a ton of water to keep me hydrated.

No. 5 - Take Breaks Throughout the Day - This might seem obvious but when you are photographing a wedding, you never rest. We are always on the go, standing up, bending down, and going from place to place so when you are expecting, remember sit down and takes breaks whenever you can. This is why having the third photographer/assistant was so important for me. Whenever I needed a break, especially towards the end of my pregnancy, I would sit down and my third shooter would go on the dance floor to cover the crowd. I would save my energy for the key moments like speeches, dances, and toasts and then go sit back down while people were dancing or eating their meals.

No. 6 - Wear Comfortable Shoes and Supportive Undergarments - If you know me, you will know that I HATE (no, LOATHE) sneakers. I only wear them to work out and if I had a choice, I wouldn’t even wear them then. Ha! I just do not like how sneakers look and I’m always searching for an “prettier” alternative option.

When I was pregnant, I wore a pair of Women's Jambu JSport Spin Encore Ballet Flats that I absolutely LOVED! They were very comfortable and supportive for my body weight and were not ugly sneakers ;) For me, this was a happy medium that I could still do my job and look cute. Hey, it’s important to me!

I also wore a pair of supportive Maternity Spanx to give my belly some extra support. The weight of your gear plus the weight of the baby gets very heavy over the course of the day and having a bit of support to lift your belly actually felt amazing.

No. 7 - Hire Help - To get my work done, I hired an outside editor to work on my weddings and intern to take care of my social media while I was “out of the office”. I found out that I could no longer sit at my desk for hours because I needed to walk around and move my body so editing became very difficult for me. I strongly encourage you to outsource and hire help whenever you can to help you when you are pregnant and go on maternity leave. I still use my digital editor to this day because it makes taking care of my daughter so much easier. It’s worth the investment!

No. 8 - Decide When to Go Back to Work - After my daughter was born, I wanted to have 3 months off to be with her and let myself readjust to my new life as a mother. Becoming a new mom is truly life changing and one of the biggest joys of my life, but it’s also really stressful. Simply put, you do not know what you are doing and have to figure it out as you go, so having that time off was invaluable, at least for me. I also liked NOT having the pressure of a client looming over me while I was on maternity leave.

I photographed my first engagement session 8 weeks and my first wedding 12 weeks after delivery. For me, this was perfect timing. I was physically well enough to get back to work and excited to get out of the house too! It was definitely more emotionally challenging for me to leave my baby for the first time, but it gets easier as they get older. Heck, now I”m like “see you later!” when I leave the house :) but I’m always excited to come home to a big smile and good hug!

I hope that was helpful for you expecting or plan to be expecting mom’s out there who are wedding photographers. I’d love to hear from you or answer any additional questions you may have. Please leave a comment below and let me know how I can help you! xo - Jainé

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Best Dress and Shoes For Wedding Photographers

I get asked a lot about what I wear to my weddings. It’s hard to find the right clothing that looks good and comfortable for you to do a very physical job at the same time! I’m really excited to share my GO TO dress & shoes that I wear for every wedding! Yes, I buy in multiple so I have a few of these dresses ready to go in different colors too!

Here is my absolutely FAVORITE dress and shoes to wear while I’m photographing a wedding! You can watch my latest IGTV video where I share my thoughts on each piece and why I love it! I hope it was helpful and please leave a comment below to let us know YOUR favorite “go to” pieces you have discovered and work for you on a wedding day. I want to hear from you!! xo


Phoebe Dress by Boden - Black - Navy - I absolutely love this dress from Boden. It’s very flattering shape and darts that give you a nice look but very professional. It’s a 100% cotton and totally breathable which is great for when you start to break a sweat. The best feature about this little dress? It has POCKETS! Yes, that is correct! I purchased three of these dresses (2 black and 1 Navy) to make sure that even if I had a double header weekend, I would have a fresh dress for the day.

Gabor Gabor Black Flats - LOVE these shoes! They are like sneakers with a rubber and flexible sole but they look like nice flats from above. These are 100% my secret shoe weapon on a wedding day!! They didn’t need any “breaking in” so no band-aids required. They are about $150+ dollars but worth every penny. I’ve had mine for about 3 years and they are still going strong!

TOMS Jutti Flats - Black Suede - Perforated Detail - I change into these flats as soon as the ceremony is over and cocktail hour begins. I love these TOMS because they are so comfy and give my feet a bit of break. Again, they are really comfortable, require no “break-in” time, and you can hit the ground running as soon as they arrive. I purchase at least 2 pairs every season and were them on my off days too!

Rothy’s Pointed Black Flat - Save $20 when you order your first pair of Rothy’s through this LINK !! - I like these Rothy’s for a few reasons but mainly because they are very stylish and comfortable at the same time. They are machine washable so they are going to last a long time. I will wear these for either part of my day but I would suggest getting arch supports if you require more support for your shoes.

Black Compression 5” Bike Shorts - One time I wore Spanx to a wedding and by the ceremony, I was taking them off in the bathroom because it’s just too much compression while I was working throughout the day. I found a pair of compression bike shorts (similar to linked) and they are my go-to “shorts” i wear under every dress when I’m working. They are comfortable, give me a bit of shape, and do not tug or pull throughout the day. They also keep me “safe” from any flashing accidents when I’m working which, when you are wearing a dress, could be an issue ;)

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Personal Safety Gear for Wedding Photographers

I wanted to share a few items that I recently purchased for my own personal and business safety. Being a female wedding photographer can feel a bit ominous at times, especially when I have to walk back to my car at night or when I’m taking the gear out of the trunk to head back to my apartment alone. I don’t like thinking about the “what if’s” but I always like to be prepared. Here are some of my new tools to help me feel a bit safer and track my gear while I’m working on a wedding day!

Again, I love GMA DEALS and highly recommend you guys follow them to score some great deals on items whenever they are posted! xo

Safety Gear for Women Wedding Photographers

The Glammer : Emergency Escape Hammer by Bling Sting - This super cute and very function personal emergency escape hammer is one of those items that the fire department always recommends you have in your car but you never actually purchase it until now. Why? Well, because it’s so darn cute (hello ROSE GOLD!) and it can save your life if you ever need it. You can cut your seat belt and break the windshield to get out of your car as well. I will carry this in the front seat with me just incase I ever need to use it when traveling.

Ahh!-larm! Personal Alarm by Bling Sting - This super cute confetti glitter keychain heart is not only cute to carry but it’s an ear piercing 115 decibel alarm - YIKES!!! It includes an LED safety light that will blink so people know where you are and you can replace the batteries too! This keychain also comes in a bow shape and gem stone so you have a few choices and colors to choose from. I like that it looks cute and can make a bit impact to scare off someone who might be following you. Hey, we all know that walking back to your car late at night (alone!) can be scary so be prepared!

Tile Mate - I mentioned this previously but I forgot to put it in my IGTV video which you can watch here. I love these little Tile Mates because they are small, discreet, and I can put one in each of my gear cases and track their whereabouts while I’m busy photographing a wedding. Also, the new Tile Mates allow you to replace the battery once a year which is great and very environmentally friendly! You can use the Tile App to track your devices and play the tune to find your cases (or keys!) quickly.

Is personal safety something you think about on a wedding day? I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below! xo

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Sharing Photos with Wedding Vendors

Should or shouldn’t you share the wedding photos with the other wedding vendors? This is definitely a hot button topic that pops up every few months or so in the wedding photography groups. There are both sides to every story but honestly find this question really interesting because the answer, at least for me, has always been YES!

Of course I will share the photos with the vendors who were involved with the wedding I photographed because why wouldn’t I? It’s there work too, right? Let me explain why I share the images and how I deal with image usage. You can also watch my latest IGTV video to hear me talk about this topic too!

How to Share Your Images

Once my wedding has be delivered to my clients, I will do a few things afterwards. I will either submit their wedding for publication (online or print) and reach out to the vendors to let them know they can now view the images and pick out their favorites. I give them limited access to the gallery so they can only view the images and choose their favorites to use on their website and social media. Once they are done with their selections, I’ll download the files, rename, resize, and send them to the vendor via Dropbox.

Allowing each vendor to pick their favorites has proven for me to the best and easiest way to handle requests for photos. This way, they can see the full gallery, pick out all the photos that they like and I still have full control of what images are shared online. Sometimes I will omit images that I know the couple doesn’t want released on social media, especially ones with children photographed. I’m always keeping my couples privacy in the back of mind.

I usually wait till have I have a few requests in my inbox and set aside some time to process each request. It can take anywhere from 10 -30 minutes per request so I need to do it when I have some available time in my calendar. If it’s my busy season, or I’m slammed with editing work, I will let the vendors know that their request will take some time as my priority is always my couples. No one has ever complained!

Photo and Usage for Vendors

In my initial email to the vendor, I let them know that if they want to use the images, they need to credit them properly. If they can agree to that, I’m more than willing to give them to them for usage. Just about everyone agrees, which is great, and I also send a very detailed Usage Agreement with the final photos.

I clearly state how the photos can and cannot be used. How they cannot be altered or edited in any manner. How they cannot submit the photos without my permission and if they want to use them for Advertisements, they need to get my written permission to do so. I also state that since the images are given to the vendors complimentary, if they do not follow these rules, they could receive an invoice for improper photo usage.

I do this so they know what the rules are and how to ensure that we have a good standing relationship. I want to give them the photos and I want them to use them everywhere BUT I want to make sure I am given proper photo credit where credit is due.

Also, I should mention that I would never CHARGE a vendor for images. I own the photographs but they wouldn’t have happened without the other vendors decor, design, flowers, vision, and artistry. They want to showcase their work too so why not make that happen as easy as possible for everyone?

Create Great Vendor Relationships and Networks

Do you know that the number ONE thing I hear all the time from every single new planner or vendor I work with is? It’s that that NEVER get any of the photos of their work - EVER!! How is that even possible? <scratches head>

By simply sharing images with the wedding planner, florists, caterers, venues, officiants, and every other vendor at the wedding, you are creating a great vendor relationships. They are going to be SO HAPPY you contacted them and shared your photos of their work, they are going to love working with you. And you know what happens from there? They show of your work on Instagram, or their website, or their blog and more couples see your photography. More potential clients SEE YOUR WORK!! Isn’t that worth everything to you? Well, it is to me! The vendor becomes your walking talking billboard for anyone who needs a photographer. You are the one they love working with because you share the images and you take great photos too!

I always say this but being nice in this industry is going to get you a lot further than being over protective about your photos and NOT sharing. Yeah, I said that! They will remember you if you don’t share, were rude, and terrible to work with. Do you think they are going to recommend you every again?

By sharing your photos, you are creating a network of vendors who want to work with you, who will support you, and hopefully recommend you in the future.

What Is Your Return On Investment?

I get it. It takes TIME to email the vendors, get their favorites, and send them the final images. I understand that maybe you didn’t get a referral from each and every vendor but hey, that’s how it goes, right? If you have a system in place and guidelines for vendors to adhere by when using your images, I (personally) think you are really going to be putting yourself at a HUGE advantage as a wedding photographer.

For me, the ROI (return on investment) takes time. It’s the long game that you have to play. Creating and cultivating lasting vendor relationships is so important. At least, they are in my opinion if you want to be doing this for a long time!

What If the Vendor Doesn’t Credit Me?

If you’ve given vendors your specific guidelines and they didn’t tag you on Instagram, Facebook, etc… feel free to nudge them with a quick DM. Just say “hey, can you tag me?” and most vendors will add the tag quickly and say they are sorry for leaving it out of the post. If they don’t respond, or continue to fail to give you the proper credit, feel free to email them about the issue. Last resort is to send an invoice for photo usage. I have YET to do this but hey, it’s in my usage clause so I could if I needed too.

If a vendor continues to leave off your photo credit, well, you know for next time that maybe you won’t be so eager to share with them before having a talk about your past experience with them. Speak up for yourself and make it known that it’s 100% NOT ok to do this! You deserve the credit because the photo are yours and they wouldn’t have them without you. It’s a two-way street!

And what if you didn’t like working with a particular vendor all together? Well, that’s at your digression if you want to share the images or not. You have to do what’s best for you!

Make it a WIN/WIN

Personally, I want my work to be shared everywhere with everyone, and I want to receive the proper credit when it is shared. I’ve had numerous people reach out to me over the years because they kept seeing my photography pop up for a few of their favorite wedding vendors so they wanted to work with me too. In my opinion, it’s a win/win!

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Motivational Quote Inscribed Watch by Welly Merrck

I used to wear a watch every day but since I've been physically (and emotionally) attached to my cellphone, I stopped wearing one until very recently. I found a new shape, color, and design from Welly Merrck that really spoke to me. I also love that I could have the watch inscribed with a motivational quote just for me. So, it got me thinking, what would I put on the back of it?

Welly Merrck Explorer New Yorker in Rose Gold Watch

It took me a bit to figure it out but I had my watch inscribed with the quote MADE FOR MORE on the inside. Why that quote? Well, it's straight from Rachel Hollis’s book Girl, Wash Your Face which really shifted my mindset last year and I cannot wait for her new book, Girl, Stop Apologizing that comes out in March 2019!! The quote reminds me that I'm made for bigger things and not to keep my dreams small ,so somebody else can feel big. It’s pretty empowering if you ask me!!

Welly Merrck Explorer New Yorker in Rose Gold Watch

I'm very excited to share that I’ve partnered with Welly Merrck to give you guys a special discount to pick out a watch just for you - YAY!! You the code WMJaine50 to save $50 on your purchase and pick out a watch that you love! They have so many styles to choose from and don’t forget, you can get your watch inscribed with your own motivational quote.

So, which watch is your favorite? Leave a comment below and let me know!! xo - Jainé

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Winter Accessories for Wedding Photographers

Oh my goodness, it’s COLD out there, right? We are in the THICK of winter so I wanted to share some of my recent good finds on how to stay warm if and when you have to go outside and photograph a wedding or event.


L.L. Bean Midweight & Heavy Base layer Leggings - I’m so happy I found this super warm, thick, base layer leggings from L.L. Bean. They are warm enough to keep you toasty when you are outside braving the snow and wind but thin enough that you can still pull and zip your jeans. I purchased the Heavy Base Layer (which is now currently sold out) but the mid-weight pants are a great option.

Fleece Tights - Where have you been all my life? I picked a pair from Target that my friend recommended and I’m in heaven. They are so crazy cozy it’s amazing. They are thicker than normal tights but not thick enough that you look bulky in your skirt or dress. I wore these when I had to travel around new york city in a skirt and was very warm when walking around town. I was worried I might be too “hot” when I was inside and working but oddly enough, I was cool and forgot I was even wearing them. These are a MUST HAVE for me and you can certainly wear them under your jeans/pants if you wanted too.

Fleece Lined Gloves - Fleece again, are we sensing a theme? I picked up a pair of these fleece lined tech gloves so I could use my phone while I was outside on a job. The best thing about fleece is that they keep all the wind out which I always find is one of the worst parts about shooting outside. I can handle the cold temps but I can’t handle the wind and now, I don’t have too!

Fleece Lined Hat - I always am searching for the cutest pom-pom hat each and every winter (ammiiiright??). This year I picked up a j.crew hat that looks just like this one BUT it’s not lined, so I’m not wearing it anymore. This hat is so warm and adorable (if I do say so myself!) so it keeps my head warm while I’m outside. Thank goodness for fleece, right??

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How to Handle a Client Who Wants Their Photos Off Social Media

I was recently asked by a member of our Tea with Jainé Facebook Group how to respond to a potential couples request to keep their wedding images offline and off social media. This is such a great question that I wanted to answer because this question comes up rather frequently.

So, how to do you handle a clients request to keeping their wedding photos offline and off social media prior to hiring you to photograph their wedding? Well, I have a few helpful tips to help you navigate their request.

No. 1 - Ask Why? I find it’s best to be direct and ask them exactly why they want to keep their photos offline. Do they not want their names mentioned? Do they work in a field that requires them to be completely off social media (therapists for example)? Are they a super celebrity couple that intends on selling the images to a magazine? Are they worried about their privacy? Are children involved? Asking them exactly WHY they want their photos offline will help you come up with a solution that makes you both happy.

No. 2 - Explain Why You Need to Show Your Work Online and on Social Media. So this might come off a bit dumb but they probably saw your work on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, maybe an advertisement, or vendor listing, and of course mostly from your website, riggghhtttt? Well, you need to be able to showcase your photography work across all your social media outlets to book THE NEXT CLIENT. It’s how it works! If you aren’t able to show your work online, how are you going to show that 1 - you are a working photographer 2 - have shot in a specific venue 3 - have the style that your clients are looking for? You have to explain to your potential couple that in order for you to maintain your business and continue to be in business year after year, you need to be able to share and publish your work appropriately.

No. 3 - Compromise - Once you’ve found out their why, and explained why you need to share your work, now you can come up with a compromise that makes you both side happy. Here are a few scenarios that I have worked out in the past with some of my own clients.

1 - I can share their wedding on my website, blog, and social media but I cannot use their names only initials (I NEVER use last names, only first names only - just FYI) so that they aren’t searchable on google.

2 - I can only share images that have been pre-approved by my couple. I will send my favorite images for review via PDF and the client has up to 5 business days to get back to me with any objections or omissions. I then, can submit a substitution for any image they want to remove. If I do NOT hear back from the client within the 5 business days, I will assume that there are no objections and I can share as I like.

3 - If any images were to be using in advertisements or sold for stock photography, I am to get written permission from the clients. (I do this out of courtesy even thought I own the copyrights to my images because I want my couples to trust me and know that respect their privacy.)

No. 4 - Charge For It - If the couple is adamant about NOT having any images what so ever online and does not want to compromise, and still wants to use your services and you want to work them, you have to charge them to keep the photos offline. Why? For the potential loss of income because you cannot use the images online to showcase your work, get new clients, share with vendors or the venue to get referrals, etc…. This is definitely a drastic measure but some couples are willing to pay a big price to keeping their photos offline.

If they are unwilling to negotiate, unwilling to pay your privacy fee (my friend calls it her Black Label Option) then it might be time to part ways and wish everyone the best. Hey, you can’t be everybody’s cup of tea so don’t try to be (a little Kacey Musgrave’s lyric in there for ya!!) Do what is right for you and your business!

No. 5 - The Final Step - Once you have explained how the images may or may not be used (I personally do not share images from every event I photograph) and worked out any image usage issues, or added a fee to their wedding collection, next you have to add this in writing into your contract and have everyone sign to move forward. Transparency is BEST and keeping your client top of mind is very important to gaining and keeping their trust and hopefully, a lot of referrals.

So what about you? What are your thoughts on this topic? I would LOVE for you to leave a comment below and let me know if you were ever in this type of situation and how did you handle it! xo

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What I'm NOT doing in 2019 - New Tea with Jainé Podcast is LIVE!

Ok you guys, I recorded my very first SOLO podcast (big gulp!) in an effort to merge my IGTV stories with my podcast. I'm a little nervous going out on my own and would LOVE your honest (be gentle!) feedback. In this brand new episode, I’m talking about what I’m NOT doing in 2019. It’s a bit of an anti-goal list but later on I do list what I am doing for myself in this podcast episode. Personally, I think it’s important to reflect on the previous year to know where you want to go in the new one. Enjoy!! xo

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Jaine Kershner of Brklyn View Photography

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New Favorite Tech Accessories for Wedding Photographers

It’s a New Year and I thought I would share some of my favorite tech accessories that might help you organize your life. I’m always on the look out for new tech accessories that are smaller, better, and faster (aren’t we all?) that fit discreetly into my gear bag or handbag. Here are my new (and some old) favorites!! But before we get into the gear, I should mention that if you aren’t already signed up for Ebates or Honey - you are seriously missing out on money every time you shop online. Let me explain why…

1 - The Honey is fully integrated with Amazon which is amazing. Once you sign up and install the plugin in your browser (I use Chrome) it will start a Honey list for you whenever you put things in your Amazon cart. After you add an item, it will then search all of Amazon and get you the lowest price on the site. You just have click the button, and it switches your cart automatically and boom! you’re done!! It’s so easy and FREE it’s crazy. Honey will email you if it finds items on your list are now on sale or listed for a lower price which is so helpful! They do have a small cash back option but it’s only 1% which isn’t a huge savings but I LOVE it for Amazon!! Sign Up by using this link.

2 - Ebates is THE BEST! They have saved me SO much money over the last two years, it’s crazy!! Again you sign up and create a FREE account and install the plug-in in your web browser. They are partners with 1,000’s of online relators and when you buy from a site that offers an Ebates deal, you’ll see it pop up in your browser and you just click the link, they redirect you using their links (this is how they make money and you get to SAVE money!) then you make your purchase as usual. I use this ALL-THE-TIME (especially for my Camera Gear and Technology purchases) and I will receive anywhere from 2-5% cash back. Also, you can use it on travel and hotel deals (hello, destination wedding photographers!!) and so much more. Sign up by using this link.

Ok, so now I told you how to save some money, let me tell you about my fave Tech Accessories :)

Tech Accessories For Wedding Photographers

Western Digital 4TB Passport Hard Drive - I’ve mentioned these portable hard drives before but I just upgraded my new drives to the 4TB which is a HUGE amount of space. I cannot believe that you can get a 4TB drive for under $100. I purchased two of them and now I’m all set for this season and most likely next wedding season as well!

SanDisk 64 GB Compact Flash Memory Card - I don’t know what took me so long to jump on the 64GB bandwagon but I’m so happy that I did because now I can photograph each wedding in under two 64GB Compact Flash cards. Also, I had this item in my Amazon cart and Honey emailed me that there was a price drop (see what I mean!!) so I saved $10 on this card because a seller was having a sale. I’m telling you, you HAVE to sign up!!

Apple Airpods - I don’t know about you but when I use my phone for phone calls, my skin breaks out. Our phones are so dirty that I was using my headphones all the time but the cord felt limiting to me. I couldn’t walk around without carrying my phone while on client discovery calls. So I invested in the Apple Airpods and I’m SO in love with them and the charging case. They sound great, easy to use, charge last a long time, and I love that they hide in my hair!

Tile Mate - Ok INSTAGRAM ad’s you got me here! I kept seeing this Ad and then I saw another photographer use them in a way that my own lightbulb moment went off and I said “I have to get them!”. I am using the Tile Mate tracking disks in all of my camera bags and backpacks just in case one goes missing. I can use the Tile app to track my bags and have a bit of peace of mind when I leave the reception room for a few minutes. These have replaceable batteries which should last up to 2 years before needing to be changed. I always get scared thinking that someone is going to walk off with my gear (which I do lock up thanks to the built in safety locks from ThinkTanks) but now I have a way to track them ASAP if they were to go missing.

Tech Candy Bad Guy Blocker - Honestly, Tech Candy is my new favorite gear company! They have some of the greatest inventions EVER! This Bad Guy Blocker is genius! We all know that someone can get onto your computer, ipad, or iphone, and start your camera up and RECORD you without you even knowing. Yes, they can turn off the recording light as well so when I saw this little but GENIUS device on GMA DEALS (again, need to follow them!!) I bought several for my studio and home. It’s one layer of security I love having on my computer.

Tech Candy Dynamic Duo Woven USB Cable for Apple and Samsung - This super cute (hello GOLD!) USB cable is awesome! Not only will it charge my iPhone but the dual head can even charge a Samsung phone as well which I think is handy to have on hand (especially on a wedding day) because if someone needs a charge and they have a different device, this USB cable can handle both phones!

Tech Candy Cord Keeper in White - A large rubber tie to keep your cord organized in your bag.

Anker Candy Bar Sized Ultra Compact Portable Charger - I used to have the larger version of this item but I didn’t like carrying it around with me because it took up too much space in my bag and was heavy. So, when I saw my friend using this Ultra Compact Portable Charger, I order it from Amazon immediately. Now I carry it my bag all the time and it’s perfect for my Shootsac on wedding days.

PopSockets - I get asked how do I hold my phone when I create my Instagram stories while I’m walking. Welp, the secret is that I use a PopSocket on the back of my phone. It’s a removable and reusable (yes, it can be removed and used all over your phone or a new case!) collapsible grip for your iPhone. I am a HUGE fan of these little guys. I cannot use my phone without a PopSocket! They come in so many fun colors, combos, and you can even upload your own photos or logo and create your own.

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Top 3 Business and Personal Growth Books for 2018

This year was truly a transformative year for me because my entire mindset shifted and I’m so happy the way the past year has forever changed myself and my business. I wouldn’t even be here with Tea with Jainé without the help of these books (first two recommendations) but I also wouldn’t be more myself with how I communicate without the other (the last one).

I started the year off with the goal of reading one book a month because I realized that had all but STOPPED reading books (according to my library card) for almost two years!! I began with a book about organizing your home and then I went directly into marketing and business books, and after a few searches, I found my first recommendation. After that book, a fire was LIT from within that I found the next book and after listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Weddings For Real, I found my last recommendation. It’s so funny how life works and things can drastically change because someone else opens your eyes to the endless possibilities you didn’t know existed. Right??

I’m happy to share my top three business and personal growth books of 2018 with you and I hope they help inspire your own journey to finding and creating a life you always wanted! xo

Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk - Vayner Media

No 1 - Crushing It by Gary Vaynerchuk - This is by far the biggest and best influence in my life. I had previously read “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook” in 2014 but I couldn’t even tell you what it was about. I found it confusing and just never read it again but Crushing It, I’ve read it twice, bought the paperback and downloaded the audio book to quickly go back to chapters for inspiration. This book is the one thing I needed to read about giving myself PERMISSION to do what I’ve felt that I wanted to do for a while now - which was to TEACH. I wanted to help other wedding photographers, either those just starting out or who were within their first few years of their business, and share my knowledge and tangible advice that I have learned over the last 8+ years of being a successful wedding photographer in New York City. But why wasn’t I? I was holding back because in my mind I wasn’t a “superstar photographer” that everyone knows, I hadn’t won any WPPI print awards, and I wasn’t hosting classes on Creative Live so I thought, who would listen to me?

Well, I got over that real fast and as it turns out that A LOT OF YOU want to hear what I have to say and it’s truly been an incredible transformation on my part.

I was holding myself back from opening up to you but once I realized ( more like decided!!) that I didn’t NEED (or want!) anyone else’s permission to do what I wanted to do, the flood gates opened up for me and Tea with Jaine was born. I started with my Instagram Stories, than IGTV, then I created a Facebook Group, Blog and now a Podcast. It’s incredible what I can do on my own and you all are LOVING it - YAY!! I am SO happy to help you and answer your questions, give tangible advice, and make useful recommendations to each and every one of you. I was (and still am!) so SICK of other wedding photographers just SELLING you guys stuff (and myself included!!) and making you feel that you aren’t good enough, that I wanted to be the voice that you could trust and respect because I have absolutely NO hidden agenda. I have nothing to sell you - I just want to help you!!

This is what Crushing It made me realize that you can help people, be successful, and potentially earn money from doing what you love and sharing it freely with the world for anyone who wants to listen and learn. This year I found myself online. I found my VOICE on Instagram, my website, and I am still learning and growing everyday. I am sharing more of who I am and it’s all due to this book. Seriously, you NEED to read it!!

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis - The Hollis Company

No 2 - Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis - I can’t remember how I stumbled upon this book (I think it was from Gary V?) but I found Rachel Hollis and boy, it changed my life! I borrowed the book from the Brooklyn Public Library and I devoured it within a few day. I also bought the audio book to refer back to it because very so often, I need to hear Rachel give it to me straight!! I literally rocked my world!!

So many epiphany’s, myths broken, and the LIES we tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough is exactly what I needed to hear to start believing in myself and start doing what I wanted to do.

Again, it comes back to PERMISSION (can you sense a theme here?) and giving yourself the space to be yourself and not look at anybody else to make yourself happy. The biggest quote and “A-HA!” moment for me was when Rachel shares the #truthbomb that “Someone Else’s Opinion of You, Is NONE of your Business” OMG - I think I was reborn after I read that. It was as if I instantly stopped caring about the haters (that weren’t there) or what my other photographer friends would say about me in that instant. Why did I care so much what others would say about me when they weren’t saying ANYTHING about me since I wasn’t doing anything anyways. It was in that moment that I gave myself the PERMISSION to stop the lies and be who I truly am.

I’m forever grateful to Rachel Hollis for opening my eyes even wider and cannot wait to read her next book Girl, Stop Apologizing which isn’t even out yet but you know I’ve got it pre-ordered and ready to go! Girl, Wash Your Face a must-read and I recommend it to everyone I know.

Why Don't They Call Me by Alan Berg - Wedding Wire

No 3 - Why Don’t They Call Me by Alan Berg - I found out about this book through one of my favorite podcasts “Weddings For Real” which I was also a guest (if you didn’t already know) and it was as if the book was sent to me at the EXACT moment I needed to read it (errr, I bought the audio, so listen to it ;) Alan’s book dissects how we (as vendors) respond to our clients and how if we aren’t responding correctly, we are LOSING the sale before its even happened. WHAT?? Alan talks about how to mirror your clients inquiry level of excitement, tone, and demeanor all via email, text, messenger, etc… How NOT to sound like robot and who to get funny with your follow up replies.

After listening to Alan’s book I IMMEDIATELY changed how I was responding to potential couples to sound like myself (again, finding my OWN voice and giving myself the PERMISSION to be who I am in my emails right from the very beginning!!!) and I swear, after I changed my responses to sound like me, I have booked consecutive weddings, family session, maternity, and newborn sessions in a few months time. I KID YOU NOT!! Just from being myself in email, responding super fast, and following up more than two times (which was my normal rate) it’s seriously improved my booking rate drastically.

Honestly, for you guys reading this, I would download it immediately and listen to it as you edit your next wedding or when you are traveling to your next shoot because it’s really smart advice from someone who has worked in the wedding industry for very long time. I will note that this book is sponsored by Wedding Wire so Alan references their site often, which could be a bit annoying but hey, he’s got to pay his bills to, ya know?

Oh, and don’t forget to listen to his podcast interview on Weddings For Real because that’s well, free advice and then pick up his book !!

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